A few things about the word, 'ikat'.

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Let’s get to know this interesting word. Here are three things you need to know:

First, how to pronounce ˈēkät

Think ‘i’ like, “EEEEEEE LOOK, there’s Kevin Love!” And then there’s ‘kat’, like a regular old cat, your finest furry feline friend (mine’s name is Butters). Simple enough. 

Now, let’s say the full name together, shall we?: Alex and Ikat (EEEE-CAT). Nailed it!

Second, what does this word mean?

Ikat is an Indonesian word that describes a very intricate process of creating a specific textile pattern. In more detail, it’s literally a type of textile-dyeing process that creates beautiful, colorful, one-of-a-kind tapestries. 

The process looks something like this: Yarns are wound and tied into knots and bundles. Certain yarns are wrapped more tightly, and depending on the number of colors involved, this process is repeated many times. The bundles are dyed, washed and then wound onto a loom and then adjusted to create the different motifs. 

Sometimes you might notice that there is a “blurred” aesthetic to the designs. This characteristic is due to the intricacy of aligning the threads in the weaving process. It depends on the skill of the artisan to accomplish the precise placement of the ikat yarns. To make it less blurry, you adjust repeatedly to maintain the quality of the pattern alignment, but a lot of times these are called “beautiful blurs” and is a characteristic that is often sought after by ikat collectors. 

You’ve probably seen these kinds of prints you may have just not known what they were. They’re very identifiable. How they are produced and patterned is what makes them unique. 


Third, why’d I choose this word?

I was initially drawn to this word by how it sounded, of course. At the time of Alex + Ikat conception, I think these fabrics were hot on the fashion scene and I loved the vibrant colors and distinct patterns. Not one of them was the same!

Digging a little deeper, I wanted to pair my name with a word that really described what I felt I represented. 

Ikat is literally, in its simplest form, a process of creating something beautiful. 

 *Hold up, I’m about to preach some serious ikat truth bombs at you for a minute. 

 Here at Alex + Ikat, I hope you can already tell that I care about some things.

I’m about sharing my story, i.e. my fears, strengths, insecurities, vulnerabilities, my safe places, etc. In turn, I hope this gives you permission to share every part of your story. 
I’m about creating something beautiful - in life and in craft. In turn, I hope you find your passion to create and run in both of those things.
I’m about acknowledging process and finding the joy in it. In turn, I hope you find freedom in all of life’s intricacies and find yourself diving into the full color version. 
I’m about creativity. In turn, I hope you realize that you were created as a one-of-a-kind, intricate, colorful, creative masterpiece. You are unique and eye catching, and so is your life.
I’m about the knots, bundles, and “beautiful blurs”. In turn, I hope you look nice and close because it is in those things where you will see something so prized, intricate and wonderful - a sought after work of art that can’t be replicated or replaced.


Here’s the thing. God wove together a specific process for you; a specific pattern for your life that is uniquely and truly yours. Your process looks like something: It’s probably full of knots and bundles and blurs in places, but guess what? That’s what makes it beautiful. It’s through the knots and bundles and blurs that your process eventually gets dyed in vibrant color, washed and wound onto the Loom where you’re adjusted and formed in Perfection. 

This is what gets embraced - your ikat. You are unique, valued and sought-after. Your process is completely beautiful… and there’s more! The Creator wants to create something special with you. This is your ikat. 


So, embrace it and create your beauty. I believe in you!


Follow the adventure!