Dear heart.


Dear heart,

You are worth it all, you know.

I don’t know if you remember but tonight I want to remind you.  Because guess what? Love likes you.


Bouquets of roses, acres of Hope - they’re yours.

In love and tenderness, you will be courted. 

Romance - to be discovered and chosen - that’s yours, too. 

There’s a love that’s steady. There’s a love that’s present. There’s a love that’s always there. There’s a love that draws near and catches you off guard with goodness. 


“I choose you always,” He says.

“I have not forgotten you. I could never!” He adds.

“No, you see. I could never withhold myself from you because you are a part of me! I don’t give myself to you in pieces, I give myself to you unashamedly, withholding nothing.”


Believe that.

Believe that this is the love that you have access to. That’s the love that swings open its doors to you (and hey, it’s okay to jump through!). This love is something that’s bold and kind.  Something that sweeps away the grime and wakes you with a smile.


Love never left, dear. 

This love is your greatest strength. 

You are worth it all, you know. 



Your friend, Alex

This banner picture is a glimpse of some Process Art I'm working on that will be included in my brand and journey. Soon, with each journal post, you'll be able to purchase the art that's pictured with the content. This is a glimpse into the story of me, Alex and what is created out of my personal breakthrough. Alex + Ikat is about just that: A girl named Alex and her story, plus Ikat - her process of creating beauty. Thanks for tagging along, friend. 



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