Name that Bag! Introducing a New Design

Like this bag? (Hope so.. :)


This bag first originated from The Sewing Workshop's self titled book published in 2012. The book includes all kinds of projects from three of Linda Lee's prevoius books (which is my mom, in case you didn't know...). I pitched a class idea to my company, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, to teach this year in Virginia, and what a fun class it was. 

Here's a shot of some taleted ladies with their finished bags:

photo 1

Features of this bag include:

  • French Seams
  • Box Corners
  • Ability to carry heavy items
  • Lifts with ease
  • Dowel rod handles


I've decided to take this bag and turn it into a pattern for Project Sewing Workshop. Complete PDF instuctions on the bag construction will be avaliable on the website soon, but for now, I need to help develop a name for the bag.

Leave a comment in the blog post with your name, the bag name idea, and why you chose this name, plus make sure to use  #ProjectSewingWorkshop on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The winner will recieve the PDF instructions of the new bag design! 

Here are some things to think about when coming up with a name:

  • PSW patterns are designed developed for a specific regions in mind. What regions of the nation or world could you see this bag being made for?
  • PSW is all about raising awareness and support for a city or region. What are some catchy names that would associate the bag with the place?

Excited to hear your thoughts!

Follow the adventure!