Part II: A Deeper Look at the Huntington Tote

Cleveland the Underdog

Cleveland Skyline

Cleveland Skyline from Huntington Beach


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Before I moved to Cleveland a year-and-a-half ago, I was told that I was moving to the literal "armpit" of the U.S. "Why would you move there?" "What's in Ohio?" "Why Cleveland?", I'm asked. Still today, those questions come and I'm amazed at the outsiders perception of this city. 

  • Yes, the Cuyahoga River caught on fire once.
  • Yes, the Cleveland Indians missed that World Series chance in 1954.
  • And we all know about that one Lebron James decision...

Cleveland SkyviewBirds-eye view of ClevelandBut things are changing and people can feel it. Lebron's coming back, Johnny Football has arrived, and breakthrough is happening. I stepped foot into this city and immediately fell in love with it and can't really explain why. I'm around a community of people that truly are for this city and its transformation. Bethel Cleveland is all about seeing the Cleveland and the entire region of Northeast Ohio truly prosper and grow. This city has something to offer the world. As most underdog's do, they prove they're worth it, they break the odds and come forth as champions.

Alex & ClevelandAlex & ClevelandThe Huntington Tote is about Cleveland. The bag itself was created with Cleveland in mind, and I hope to help tell the story of this city so that you, too, can catch the vision. When you support the Huntington Tote, you support Cleveland.

Cleveland is a city full of underdogs. A city, once lost in hopelessness, is rising up and emerging in beauty. A city that's breaking the odds. A champion city. 




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