A Deeper Look at the Huntington Tote

Let me tell you about Huntington

Huntington Beach Tote on Project Sewing WorkshopHuntington Tote - Watercolor Bloom

Huntington Beach in Bay Village, Ohio became a very special place for me in my early days in Cleveland.

For a time I was living only a couple of miles away, which made it a very easy get-away from those long, crazy days. With only a walk, run or drive away, I always came because I knew I needed some refreshment (and sometimes just because I wanted ice cream). Huntington Beach is considered one of Cleveland’s finest metro-park areas. It’s a family favorite, with ice cream cones in the non-frozen months and has an upscale kind of atmosphere. There are immaculate views of the shoreline, ocean-like waves, and it includes an incredible view of the downtown Cleveland skyline. It’s easy to forget that Lake Erie is just a lake.

There came the inspiration for the name of the first bag, the Huntington Tote.

  • Stunning beauty.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Light and color.
  • Accessibility and modern functionality.

Huntington Beach ToteHuntington Tote - Watercolor Bloom (click for larger image)It is, without a doubt, my favorite place in Cleveland, mostly because it holds so many early memories with me in my time in Ohio.

The bag was birthed out of my love for Cleveland and for the fresh inspiration it has opened up for me this season. With it’s first debut in Stitch Gift 2014 publication, I decided to take this bag one step further by developing it into a pattern for others to enjoy.

Join me on this journey as I dive into telling you more about the Huntington Tote, Cleveland, and Northeast Ohio. My hope is for you to see the Project Sewing Workshop products not just for their beauty, but to moreso fall in love with the reasons they are made and catch the vision for the story the products carry.


Follow the adventure!